Finished Basement Cost: Things To Consider When Estimating

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The finished basement cost will depend on just how much work you want to do on your basement and also, how much repair you will have to do before you do any remodeling. Traditionally basements were never given much attention by a large majority of home makers – they were left as places that were meant to be used as storage space only. Whatever was not needed in the house, but could not be thrown away because of the sentimental value attached to them, usually found their way to the basement. As a result, the basement was almost always full of empty boxes, all staked up on one another, gathering grime and dust for eternity. The basement thus had no real part to play in the house and was left alone where décor was concerned. At best, it would be neatly organized and left at that  – and it was common practice to have just a light bulb in the basement, giving it a rather spooky air. No wonder then that climax of many horror movies and criminal oriented ones take place in the basement! However, people are making a concerted effort these days where home décor is concerned and the basement is being reinvented as a separate room for the house, which makes sense, given that this makes sure the extra space available is optimized to its fullest extent. The finished basement cost will depend on what exactly you want to do with the basement.

How to control the finished basement cost

If you want to control the finished basement cost then you will first have to structure a budget properly so that you can estimate the costs in a relaxed and organized manner. Sit down with a pen and paper and note down all that you want to do with the basement. Start with what repairs you have to do and do a careful analysis of the whole basement. It is inevitable that the basement would have suffered some damage in the form of wear and tear, water leaks etc. Damp spots and water leakages are the most common basement issues because of the water table that is located in the foundation of the building – if the water table is high, then there is a chance your basement might suffer from damp and the associated problems that come with it. Fungus, mildew, rot, cracked paint and a perpetual coldness will be the problems that you will need to tackle. You will also need to repair any wiring issues given that the electrical mains will be located here, and check for proper ventilation if you want to make the basement a room. Once all the repair work has been done you can consider the estimated cost to finish basement.

Basement Cost per Square Foot

How to correctly estimate finished basement cost

Once you have decided on what repairs are to be done, you can correctly estimate finished basement cost and you can also ensure that you control the budget. There is nothing you can do about the expense the repairs will take simply because you will need to do them to safeguard against any kind of hazard in the future. There is no way you should scrimp on the kind of repair work that needs to be done. Post that you should decide on what you want to do with the basement and then you can control your expenses. If you want to change the basement into a play room or a game room you do not have to make much of a difference to the entire area except to just clean it up well and add a few bean bags and mattresses. But a home theatre will involve more expense and will add to the finished basement cost.

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