Finishing a Basement Floor: Tips on How to Do It in a Short Time

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Finishing a basement floor is probably the most crucial part of finishing a basement overall – when you are transforming your basement into another room that your family can use or if you are making the effort of making your basement a neat and clean, well organized and attractive space to be in, even as a room for storage purposes. When you buy a house, it is important that all the rooms are maintained properly and thus, even the basement will need attention where repair work is concerned. The best part about basements is that there can be so many things that can be done with it. Usually, families do not make much of an effort when it comes to basement finishing, they leave the basement as a place of storage where items that cannot be thrown away for reasons of sentimental value – however, the basement can be changed into a family room, a room for watching movies, a game room, an office, a personal gym, and even a personal spa and sauna room. In such an event, it has to be renovated and the flooring, which is often damaged thanks to ill use and moisture, will need to be taken care of. Finishing a basement floor is not expensive if you do the research beforehand.

Tips on finishing a basement floor

Moisture and humidity will be the major concerns when it comes to finishing a basement floor, and  what needs to be done to ensure a smooth finish to the basement floor – is to ensure that the basement is dry and the surface is flat and smooth. The basement, as we all know, is in the absolute foundation of the house –because it is the lowest surface of the house, very near the water table etc. in the earth, you will need to be extra careful about the finishing. Your basement might be susceptible to water damage because of this reason – water infiltrating into the basement, flooding etc. are very real problems that might need to be taken care of before you start off with any kind of flooring or finishing in the basement. Sealing your basement off from water damage is very important else it will cost you significant amounts of money to repair the basement again and replenish the finishing of the floor. If you live in humid climates, then the dampness and water problems in your basement will be real problems because the dampness in the air tends to sink to the lowest part of your house, which is unfortunately the basement. Finishing a basement is not very easily done, in that case.

Finishing Concrete Floor in Basement

How to go about finishing a basement floor

Finishing a basement floor must be done after careful consideration of the various factors that might affect the basement. Once that has been done, and the basement is moisture proof, have a look at the floor and fill any cracks and splits that might be there because these can hamper a smooth finish to the basement. If your basement floor is sloping you might want to fix that as well. Quickly finishing a basement floor is all about smoothening out the floor with sandpaper, fixing the slope with a tile backer-board and then pouring the premixed concrete over it and waiting for it to set. You can also use linoleum to finish the basement floor – something which is very easy and cheap to find. Carpeting is also a cheap and easy way to finish the basement floor and this is probably why it is so popular – especially if you live in a place that gets cold really easily. Check out online sites for inspiration for best flooring for finished basements.


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