Decorating Fireplace Mantels

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Fireplace mantels are also known as the chimneypiece. It began as something to catch the smoke which later evolved as something decorative. Today, a lot of home interiors use the fireplace mantel shelves as a display area for pictures and other decorations. Some fireplaces no longer have mantels specially modern designs. However, if you’re a traditional type, we’re sharing fireplace mantel ideas you can do in your home.

Tips on Decorating Fireplace Mantels

If your fireplace doesn’t have a mantel, there are fireplace mantel kits sold which you can install on your own. Cheap fireplace mantels can still look beautiful if you decorate it properly. What you use to decorate your fireplace mantel can depend on your style and the available materials you have. Most people use it to display personal photos, family portraits or important heirloom pieces like an antique clock or painting. Match your mantel decorations to your interior theme. If you’re going for a country lodge style room interior, use colors that will complement the overall room interior. Decorating fireplace mantels doesn’t have to be complicated.

Window Decorating Style Fireplace Mantels

Decorating fireplace mantels during different occasions

Decorating fireplace mantels during Halloween and Christmas is common. It’s a strategic place to put decorations because the fireplace is usually in the living room. The mantel can serve as a focal point. So, if you’re decorating for a particular occasion or event, putting it on the mantel can highlight the décor. For Christmas, place ceramic Christmas houses on the mantel or hang Christmas socks above the fireplace. Putting Christmas lights is also nice or displaying Santa Claus figurines. The fireplace mantel is basically the perfect place to display anything. It can serve as a stage for display items you want to highlight. Decorating fireplace mantels is important because it’s visually appealing and leaving it bare can affect the other room decorations in your home.


20 Photos of the Decorating Fireplace Mantels

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