Floor Protectors for Chairs

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If you have never heard of floor protectors for chairs, maybe it is time you have a look online and do some research about them because you can greatly benefit from them. Your floors, to be precise, will be saved of endless scratches and scuffs from the chair legs, and you can benefit from shiny and spotless floors that shine without much effort. Floor protectors for chairs can be something as simple as customized coasters for all four legs of the chairs, a rug or a carpet, or chair-socks which cover the points of the legs. You can even make these protectors yourself without much effort – it can be as easy as cutting out circles of felt and sticking them to the bottom of the chair legs. This way you will save money as well and make the most of your creativity, thus putting it to good practical use. Believe it or now, a good floor can make a significant difference to your home interiors – dull and scuffed floors will make it seem a little less dull than it should. And since it is not difficult in the least to buy or make floor protectors, there is no good reason why you should not have them in your home. So go ahead, buy or make floor protectors for chairs and see how your home benefits.

Tips on how to make floor protectors for chairs

A very simple way to make floor protectors for chairs is to turn the chairs upside down and give the bottoms of the legs a good wax and polish. This will help remove any bits that are jagged or rough and which scuff the floors terribly. Sanding chairs is very simple really and can be done without spending too much money either since it is a home job and anyone can do it. If you are not keen on this and want something tactile in between your chair legs and the floor then you can simply ensure that you place your chairs on mats or rugs and not directly on the floor – especially if you have hardwood floors which can scuff or scratch in an instance. Carpet chair mats are also available online and you can customize them according to the size of your chairs etc. These mats prevent the chairs from slipping on the floor as well and you do not need to lay out a full sized carpet for this purpose. Mats make for good chair feet floor protectors but they are not always viable.

Floor Protectors for Chairs Round Leg Design

Other ideas for floor protectors for chairs

Floor protectors for chairs can be customized to suit your requirements so be sure to have a look at all the various options available for it online and at other stores. You can find great deals for chair protectors online and you can avail of great bargains and discounts should you want to shop online for such items. Once you have finished with checking out online sales you can even think about buying felt and customizing the protectors yourself. Some people also choose to buy tiles for the space that the chairs will be occupying so that the floor does not get scuffed or worn down with time.  a simple way to ensure your chair legs are not detrimental to your flooring is to cover them in socks – which you can take off if you have guests. One colored socks will look fine if you buy black or white. Rolling balls on the chair legs are also another idea. There are many options available for floor protectors for chair legs if you are interested.

20 Photos of the Floor Protectors for Chairs

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