French Kitchen Design

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A French kitchen design can easily be created when you know the right elements. There is certain warmth in a traditional French kitchen design. Because food is a major part of France’s culture, it’s not surprising that their traditional kitchen design impress a very big love for food. The kitchen is the heart of the home, as the saying goes. But for some reason, the French style kitchen seems to be right at point with that saying. What you’ll notice in country French kitchen design pictures is that it easily makes you want to cook or learn to cook. The French kitchen design is very inspirational with its basic and simple appearance. In fact, it may even be the simplicity of the design that makes it hard to achieve when re-creating it in our modern homes. If you want to have your very own French kitchen, here are tips that you should keep in mind to get the right feel and look to your kitchen.

Important elements that make a French kitchen design

Get the elements right. A French kitchen design is nothing fancy, especially the traditional French kitchen design. Get the materials right and incorporate kitchen décor that represent the way of living in France and you’re sure to get the look right. A common material used for French kitchen designs is wood. This kind of style echoes a simple way of living so wood makes a very good impression in representing this idea. Use simple wooden furniture designs in the kitchen. Wooden floors and cabinets give that natural appearance.

French Kitchen Designs Wood Dining Table

One inspiring French kitchen design is that from Perene. This designer uses different types of wood and combines them to create a unique and warm kitchen interior. He likes to use wood that have different wood grains to create a unique personality to the kitchen design. You will also find a mix of polished wood, shiny wood and so much more in most of his designs. He also uses light colors like baby blue and beige for painting the walls and is basically using light-toned shades for the overall interior theme.

How to decorate a French kitchen design

Pastoral and figural patterns are one of the most common designs in terms of décor when it comes to French designs. This can be incorporated in the curtains, table cloths, seat covers and others. Both patterns represent a country life and while it may look abstract, it’s a known representation of French designs. Whitewashed furniture ideas are sometimes incorporated to the French design but can be mistaken as a rustic design. There is a very thin line between French style and rustic design because both aim to impress the simple way of living. If you have a modern kitchen and want to incorporate elements that will show a French kitchen design, you can look for kitchen utensils or dining ware that have French designs on it. You can also add framed pictures depicting the way of living in France.

20 Photos of the French Kitchen Design

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