Home Decor Trends 2014 That Are Affordable

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Home decor trends 2014 are fun, vibrant, sassy and extremely experimental. There is a very emphatic focus on making the home and each and every room look very good. The emphasis is also on making the home look good, without breaking the bank. Affordable design ideas as well as do it yourself projects are another major part of home decor and interior decoration trends in the New Year, which started a few years ago and continue hence with much enthusiasm and fervor. It does not really take much to make your home look very beautiful – all you have to do is keep a few key points in mind, which when implemented will easily make the house look spectacular and spic and span. The new trends will be all about contemporary decor, bright colors, beautiful art pieces, feature walls and other such. The emphasis will be on modern designs more than the traditional and also a unique blend of the two schools of thought. There is a lot of scope for old worldly design trends to blend with the new age variety and this is essentially the theme for the New Year and the years henceforth. Home decor trends 2014 will be unique, to say the least.

DIY Home decor trends 2014

A very novel and quaint feature of home decor trends 2014 is to use room dividers to make the best use of the space in any room. As mentioned before, optimizing space is the catch phrase where home decor is concerned so making the best use of a large room is best done with room dividers. Room dividers are the easiest things to make, especially if you have basic carpentry skills. All it takes would be to make creative use out of the items that are already there at home – like for example, a fabulous room divider can be constructed out of window frames that are discarded. You can also use coat hangers, large frames, and a bookshelf with the back taken out and so on and so forth for an effective room divider. Rice paper screens are also easy to do if you know how and they look substantially elegant and chic.  Shelves for storing extra items of the house and for also showing off your souvenirs from around the world are possible in a DIY project to redo your house. Painting your home in an effort to decorate it, using different and beautifully bright colors is another DIY project that is easy to take up where home decor is concerned. Design trends for 2014 are definitely to watch out for.

home decor trends 2014

Furniture in home decor trends 2014

When talking about home decor trends 2014 it is a worth a mention that the furniture trends also change along with the design. In fact, it is the design which makes sure the furniture changes in a spectacular manner. Choose minimalist furniture in pretty burnished colors to make up for the blandness of the decor. Painted furniture is also going to be an in thing where decor trends are concerned. Aside from that, ceiling decor is going to be a big deal in home decor trends as well – mirrored tiles, accent tiles and other such beautiful complements to the wall are going to be in use. Other trends include the use of funky patterned wall paper. Wall papers can also be used as a feature wall. Wallpaper trends 2014 are not going to stick to the usual floral or plain stripes etc. be prepared to see some really spectacular patterns and designs all over the walls from home decor trends 2014.

8 Photos of the Home Decor Trends 2014 That Are Affordable

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