Home Decorating Ideas 2014 That Will Get You Decorating

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Home decorating ideas 2014 are sure to knock your socks off in the New Year, given that there will be a heavy emphasis on the way the house is decorated in bright and vibrant shades. Bold and beautiful colors will replace muted colors in the New Year and there will be a definite leaning towards quirky shades and unusual combinations. Themes will be another favorite option in 2014 with many households opting for different themes that speak of their personal vibes. In short, home decorating trends will radically change and will make a very big impact on the way the concepts of interior décor functions. Colors which were never considered appropriate for home décor will be given a lot of importance – feature walls, wall decals, wall art and wall paper will feature in a very big way in all homes. Furniture that is beautiful and elegant to look at, but has a practical side to it, will be considered appropriate for all the rooms – which means that furniture which has storage space inside it will be a very big draw for all home owners and interior decorators alike. The focus and all attention when decorating rooms in 2014 will be on making the most of the space that is available inside the rooms. Home decorating ideas 2014 will not compromise on the look of the room, nor the feel.

Trendy home decorating ideas 2014

Since home decorating ideas 2014 will be focused on making the most of the spaces in the rooms, there will be a lot of emphasis on using room dividers. For example, if one room is fairly big and there can be two rooms accommodated into it, then using a room divider to do so is a very good idea. Room dividers that are made out of scrap materials like old window frames, old coat hangers, plain nylon string strung with crystal baubles and so on and so forth. Book cases with the backs taken out, plants etc. can also be used sufficiently well to create two rooms out of one. The most common combinations are combining a dining room and a kitchen, or a dining room and a living room. A lot can be done with the décor in this case. Next up, furniture choices will be such that all the furniture in the room will have space within it to store items. Stools in the living room will have space to store cushions etc. a bed will come with a box space inside and so on and so forth. There are many free home decorating ideas and tutorials available online that any budding interior decorator or home owner can make use of.

2014 Decorating Colors

Colors in home decorating ideas 2014

When choosing colors for home decorating ideas 2014, one can go mad with the choices. All the colors possible, and all their different shades and hues are available now for interior décor purposes and there is such a wide variety that it will suit everyone and their budgets. Be sure to buy paint from a reputed company though, because you do not want the paint to peel and chip easily. Textured paints for walls will also gain popularity as the walls with a three dimensional effect are now in vogue and will continue to be in the future as well. Where wall decorating ideas are concerned invest in a feature wall, ceiling designs, wall tiles, wall decals and stencils as well apart from pretty patterned wall paper and interesting shades.  2014 decorating colors will include the use of bright red, fuchsia pink, emerald green, teal blue, gray and black, monochrome shades, bright orange ocher and so on. Watch out more for home decorating ideas 2014.

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