How to Stay Up-To-Date with Home Decorating Trends 2014

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Home decorating trends 2014 are going to be all about making the house look elegant and regal, and extremely spacious as well – no matter what the original size of your house is. The emphasis will be on making the home spacious and appealing elegant and sophisticated, and the color palette that will be used for the walls will be surely very bright and appealing. Colors which were banned from the fold of interior décor will now be used in interesting combinations and blends on the walls of the rooms – again, ensuring that there is no problem with the space and the room does not look tacky or over crowded. The home décor trends for the New Year will be about eye catching colors, bright shades and experimental wall décor which might be a little difficult for the traditionally minded person to digest, but it will look fabulous if you have the courage to implement them. Furniture, upholstery, window treatments, lights – all undergo a significant change where the new year interior décor trends are concerned and judging by the fact that the home decorating trends 2014 are following in the footsteps of the decorating trends of the previous years, we can safely say that the emerging trends of home décor which are not conforming to the usual traditions, are here to stay.

Colors for home decorating trends 2014

Home decorating trends 2014 are going to be about incorporating amazing colors into the rooms. Traditional notions of interior décor colors and what is appropriate will go flying out of the window – and there will be no turning back. Of course, the muted shades such as extremely light pastels, creams, pristine whites, beige etc. are going to still remain, they will no longer be at the forefront of the color palette when it comes to home décor and will instead be used to offset and contrast other brighter and bolder shades. For example, colors like red, blue, green, purple etc – which are bright colors are going to be lavishly used all over the house, in every room. Now, there is a whole wide gamut of different shades of the primary colors available – hues that were not available till a few years ago. Now, you have peacock green, dove pink, fuchsia pink, emerald green, sunflower yellow, cereal brown, dark rum red, pinecone brown, lagoon blue and other such interesting names for colors and hues which can be matched with neutral shades to make them pop. People who are not very confident of using such bright and unusual shades in the house, are given the option of using them in a feature wall – on one wall in the room, or as wall decals, stencils and wall art.  Home color trend 2014 is a very pleasing aspect of interior décor.

furniture style trends

Furniture and other accessories for home decorating trends 2014

When you think about home decorating trends 2014, you have to consider that the furniture in the house has to be extremely elegant and space saving. There will be no space for large and bulky pieces of furniture and there will be emphasis laid on small and cute items. The furniture that will be invested in will be small items, low lying items which have absolutely no problem in fitting into the space that is there. Choose mattresses for your rooms – living and bedroom both. Accessorise with lovely cushions and floor cushions and make an effort to look for furniture which has storage space inside it. The kitchen and the bathroom will also receive the best kind of décor possible – in fact bathroom trends for 2014 are also going to be a very big deal in terms of home decorating trends 2014.


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