How to Clean Laminate Floors

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One must know how to clean laminate floors so that the floors remain shiny and extremely bright. If you do not clean the floors correctly then there is ample chances that it will harsh cleaning agents or even detergents, as well as high concentrate chemicals can really destroy the way a laminate floor looks, especially if it is the cheap variety. Usual methods of general cleaning will not really do if you have high quality floors which are made of laminate. Laminate floors are now very popular because they are easy on the pocket and they are also a very good looking material to opt for. Most people go for laminate flooring to cover up previous flooring that is scuffed. Generally you can get by with just dusting the surface of laminate floors with a hard brush which is dry. But at times, you will probably need more intensive cleaning and this is where you will have to definitely use soap and water and mild detergent and scrub with good old elbow grease. Harsh cleansing agents will damage the surface and leave streaks and marks so it is a good idea not to use them at all when you want to learn how to clean laminate floors.

Tips on how to clean laminate floors

If you are looking for good and quality tips on how to clean laminate floors then you have to make a concerted effort to do your research before you go ahead with the cleaning. Read up on how best to take care of laminate floors after you have them installed in your home because if you are spending money on it then you might as well take the effort of keeping it well. The concept is simple too – no fancy cleaning agents or special agents are required when it comes to keeping laminate floors clean. The best way to go about it is to be diligent about keeping the floors spotlessly clean. Without fail, be sure to dust the floors at least twice, so that dust is never given the chance to collect on it. Regular sweeping is a must, as is a dust mop. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft mop attachment. Ideally, one should not use a hard bristle brush as the bristles might damage the surface and leave marks on it. When you are sweeping, be sure to sweep in the direction that the laminate has been laid – the grooved pattern on the floor will give you an idea of which way to go. That is the best way clean laminate flooring.

How to Clean Laminate Floors by Good

Learning how to clean laminate floors

It is simple to learn how to clean laminate floors because there is not much effort involved. All you have to do is ensure that you do not use certain materials to clean the flooring so as not to damage it. Another thing to remember about cleaning laminate floors is that you should not allow water to sit on it for too long because this will surely affect it. If you spill something on a laminate floor mop it up immediately. Also, do not clean with very hot water because this will definitely negatively affect the flooring. If you use hot water correctly you will not leave streaks on the floor.  Use a mop – soak it in the hot water, wring it out and then use it so as to minimize the effect the hot water has on the flooring. Use a soft mop and mop the entire length of the floor in straight swipes so that you are able to ensure the entire area gets mopped. Buy a specialized laminate floor cleaner if you want to.


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