How to Make Ribbon Wreaths

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If you are looking for ideas and ways on how to make ribbon wreaths then it would be a good idea to go online and have a look at all the tutorials that are available for this purpose. a ribbon wreath is fairly easy to make and you can use a number of materials to make it – it is not restricted to, as it might seem, to only ribbons. This item of home décor is actually easy to make and can be used as a pretty gift for a homecoming, a house warming, a farewell or for festive décor. even those people who are not craft oriented can easily make this ribbon wreath and you can cut paper into ribbons and use that to make this without a problem at all. The items that you will need for this are easily available at any stationary or hardware store or if not, you will even find them all around the house. Ribbons after all, are common items that are found in houses – especially those which have children.  Else you can always cut up colorful cloth and make your own ribbons from discarded cloth etc. and you will also need a metal ring to use as a base or a foundation. Cut out ribbons according to measurements, check out tutorials on websites to figure out how to make ribbon wreath sand start on it!

Tips on how to make ribbon wreaths

If you are wondering how to make ribbon wreaths and are putting it off because you are worried about how difficult it will be, you can rest easy. Making one is very simple and you can get someone to help you measure and cut and paste if you are not very confident. All you need to do is to measure correctly – you can make a simple wreath and not an elaborate one if you are a beginner. For a wreath that is about twelve inches in diameter, you will need approximately sixty yards of ribbon. It is best you choose a stiff ribbon fabric so that the wreath looks better but all kinds of fabric work really when you want to make this sort of a wreath. Also, it would be fun to experiment with a bunch of different colors and shades – and you can even try a number of muted shades and one or two bright ones so that the color pops even more. Once you have a number of ribbons cut into equal lengths you can start on your wreath. Choose a thin metal ring and sandpaper it to ensure it is smooth. Then tie the ribbon pieces around it in a very uniform manner, spacing it out so that you are able to form orderly ribbon wreaths.

How to Make Halloween Ribbon Wreaths

Pointers on how to make ribbon wreath

Many pointers on how to make ribbon wreaths are available online as are many videos on the subject. Once you have finished the above mentioned process and tied the knots up very tight, so that they do not come apart, pull the ends of the ribbons across the metal frame so that they cover it. Once the end finishes sellotape it or glue it to the frame using a strong adhesive. Crisscross ribbons across the round frame in a decorative manner and then string a final loop across the top so that you can hang it. Once done you can further embellish the wreath using paper flowers or cloth decorations that you can either make or buy. Wreaths made out of ribbon look fantastic just up on the door or on the wall and are sure to be conversation starters.



12 Photos of the How to Make Ribbon Wreaths

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