Interior Color Trends 2014 for Small Apartments

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When you want to consider remodeling your house have a look at interior color trends 2014 because the color of the rooms in the house is what makes the best impression in a remodel job. The color schemes that are being used in households are now very different from what was used in conventional homes. Traditional notions of colors and interior décor dictated that only whites, creams, beige tones and soft pastels be used for the interiors of houses. This served two purposes. One was to make the interiors look large. Light colors always have an effect of giving a small space volume. Another reason why these colors were much appreciated is that they are colors which can be easily matched with the upholstery. Think about it – one would have to think carefully before matching curtains and upholstery to a room that was painted solely in red, yellow covers on the sofa would clash horribly with it. It would also entail extra expenditure to do so and therefore it was easier to pick light colors which went with everything. However, now interior color trends 2014 have changed dramatically and are incorporating colors of all hues and shades.

Vibrant interior color trends 2014

Interior color trends 2014 promise to be vibrant and extremely beautiful. Think of all the primary colors of the palette and then imagine all the various hues they come in. it is truly a wonderful thing to see all these colors all over the place. Vibrant reds, emerald greens, invigorating colors like teal blue, mint green, fuchsia pink, sunflower yellow and tangerine orange are being used to make the rooms in the house a vibrant place to be in. quirky combinations of these colors are also in vogue right now with even the ceiling being taken into consideration for a make-over. Of course, these colors have to be used judiciously, given that they are pretty potent shades and can most definitely end up making your room seem smaller – as dark shades are wont to do. The best part about some of these colors is that even though they might be rather dark, when combined with other colors which are lighter, they look rather amazing. So even if you have a small house do not be worried about using these colors and ensure that you have a fair idea of how colors work together before trying them out. Get help from professionals or go online and have a look at the myriad photos that are there for inspiration for interior colors for 2014.

2014 Interior Paint Color Trends

Things to keep in mind for interior color trends 2014

Interior color trends 2014 should be carefully researched before being implemented because not all colors will suit all kinds of spaces. The best part about the new color trend is that any kind of color can be used as long as you can implement it properly. Even colors for the ceiling are making a huge impact on the home décor trends that can be seen around the globe and this involves even using monochrome shades and colors like grey, black, and shades that come in between. Interesting shades with even more interesting names are also making an appearance – for example, periwinkle blue, tangerine orange, rum red, fantasy pink, egg yellow, banana yellow etc. You can go wild with the options, really, if you are brave enough to try it out. 2014 interior design trends are definitely for those who want a classy and quirky home, for those who want their homes to stand out and look very different. Go for them if you have the courage to try new trends!

8 Photos of the Interior Color Trends 2014 for Small Apartments

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