How are Interior Color Trends for 2014 Chosen?

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Interior color trends for 2014 are all about making your home a special place, full of vibrant color, exquisite furniture and beautiful accessories. Homes are very personal spaces and they really are a reflection of who you are as a personality. If you have the personality of a beautiful and vibrant being then it makes sense to turn to the new shades that are going to rule the roost where interior color is concerned in the New Year and the years henceforth. There is so much that can be done with wall color it is astounding to note. Not just with wall paint, there are wall decals, wall papers, wall stencils and wall art that can incorporate color into the home. People who are more traditional in their thoughts can use beautiful and bright colors to make one wall of their room speak volumes and can contrast that with neutral shades on the other walls. There are many options available; one only has to look carefully through the different colors and the different patterns that are available on the internet for inspiration. Interior color trends for 2014 are loud, vibrant, fun and appealing if you know how to use them right.

Vibrant interior color trends for 2014

Vibrant and beautiful interior color trends for 2014 will be a very good addition to any home. There will be, as mentioned, an emphasis on the bright shades and the muted colors will be less focused on but they will be there to give a beautiful contrast to the louder shades. Shades of color will have interesting names like rum red, tangerine orange, periwinkle, cornflour, agate, tourmaline, amethyst etc. – there will be an effort made to explore all kinds if colors and their shades. These will also be used in the best possible combinations and not just on the walls but on the ceiling as well. Monochrome themes will be a great hit when it comes to interior trends as will be themed colors and styles. The upholstery too will reflect this trend of choosing interesting colors and this will make the entire room brighten up considerably. Bright shades of pink and yellow, romantic shades of red and soothing shades of blue and green will dominate the décor, even in rooms like the dining room, bathroom and kitchen. Interior paint trends 2014 are definitely something to watch out for if interior paint colors 2013 were any indication.

Interior paint trends 2014

Elements of interior color trends for 2014

The elements of interior color trends for 2014 have to be kept in mind when making plans to remodel the home. Of course, you will have to choose the colors carefully. For example, if you choose dark shades completely for all four walls in your home you will be left with a space that is looking very dark and dingy, not to mention cramped and uncomfortable. If you do end up using dark shades like purple or red in a small area then be sure to make a bright contrast with upholstery, curtains and carpets that are in a different shade – like white, cream or beige. Then you can easily make a place look larger than it is. If you want to choose a color for your ceiling and make the room look large in retrospect choose gray. This will have the night sky effect in which a dark overhead color will give the effect of heightening the room. Decorating color trends for 2014 are definitely different, hot and happening so give them a shot and transform your home from boring to emphatically scoring high on the chic meter.


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