Interior Design 2014 Ideas

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Interior design 2014 is all about making your homes spacious, vibrant and extremely appealing. The new trend of using bright colors which make the walls stand out in relief, is a very good way to make sure that the house décor is really brightened and uplifted and a definite change from what is dull, boring and staid. And home décor and interior décor in the new year will not be only about making the walls of the house look different with a new color palette – there will be an emphasis on minimalist styles of furniture, on making the space in each room the best utilized space and also, adding quirky and different décor items that add to the value of the house and make the space look different. The costs of making a house look interesting will not be too much – given that you can easily make changes to the décor according to budget. But it is advisable for everyone to  figure out just what will suit their notion of interior décor and what they are willing to pay to change the existing décor.  There will be colors, furniture designs, wall decals and stencils and other interesting changes that can be incorporated into interior design 2014.

Colors that are appreciated in interior design 2014

The colors that interior design 2014 are extremely interested in, are bright and vibrant shades that speak volumes about the personalities that live in the house. The colors that are grabbing attention nowadays are bright green, bright reds, oranges, and all kinds of shades and hues. Where experimenting is concerned, the emphasis will be on combinations of interesting colors. Mint green and pink for example is a good combination which is light and fruity and perfect for a girls room. Orange and grey shades go well together for the living room. Red and white make up a timeless combination for the bedroom, while dining rooms are left in soothing shades of pastels like periwinkle and lavender. The best part about these colors is that they are such fun that they can be easily combined to give a very interesting look to the room as a whole. If people are a bit wary about using bright shades for the first time they can use bright pops of color instead. Home design 2014 is all about unleashing your creativity and making it count in your personal space.

Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Interior design 2014 tips

When you think interior design 2014 it is natural that you would consider all aspects of design, not only wall color though wall color does form an integral part of interior design as a whole. Once you have decided on what kind of walls you will have, the rest is easy – only you have to be a little careful not to blend tradition with contemporary where design is concerned unless you do it in a tasteful and creative manner. If you have wacky walls then ornate and traditionally styled furniture will look very out of place. Contemporary and minimalist furniture which is not necessarily made out of wood but wrought iron or plastic will also work in such cases. Choose window treatments carefully as well – even though they may be a little traditional, valance curtains are a very big deal in interior design trends now and among them, swag valance curtains are the most popular. You can also choose curtain panels and fabrics like jute, bamboo etc. are gaining in popularity because of the eco friendly aspect. Interior design 2013 trends also followed along similar paths and if trends are to be believed then eco friendly materials and bold hues are here to stay.




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