Interior Design Trends 2014 That Are Worth Waiting For

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Interior design trends 2014 are going to be great fun to explore if you are a home owner who is rather tired of the usual trends that follow safe and staid colors like peach, cream, white and light yellow. Traditional conventions of home décor were very safe with colors because it gave them leeway to match the rest of the room with it – the logic can be understood, to a certain extent because it is a lot less expensive to change the fabric of the sofas and the curtains and therefore it made sense to have a neutral background color. However, now the trends are leaning towards making the color of the walls bright and vibrant so that the room brightens up with a lot of pizzazz. Those who are traditionally bent can also avail of this new trend and it will be easy to introduce pops of color into the wall palette so that the room brightens up in sections and as a whole. The colors that were considered unfit for home décor are now being accepted with open arms and if one knows how to, there are delightful combinations to be tried out as well. Interior design trends 2014 are also about exploring new trends in furniture, upholstery and general accessories for the house.

Colors for interior design trends 2014

Interior design trends 2014 will use bright colors in place of dull ones. There will be a lot of red, pink, yellow, orange, green and blue that will be splashed all around the house. There will also be a lot of purple used – so that there is a royal feel to the interiors. All sorts of hues and shades of the different primary colors will be used and these will also be used in the best possible combinations to make the rooms look vibrant and extremely beautiful. People who are wary about using colors that are very bright can choose to use them as parts of the room – perhaps in the guise of a feature wall or in stencils and wall decals. Whatever be the case, color is the key word that forms a very integral part of interior design and the trends that are rearing their heads in the New Year. One can also use colored tiles to make designs on the walls and colors like gray and black, monochrome patterns etc. are becoming quite the rage. Check out color trends 2014 home interiors when you want to gain some inspiration for your house.

Home Design Trends for 2014

Furniture and accessories for interior design trends 2014

Interior design trends 2014 will be about making the most of the space that is there in the house and therefore minimalist furniture and minimalist décor will be a rage where home interiors are concerned. Mattress bedding, futons, bean bags, wall mounted shelves for everything, room dividers, valances for the windows and elaborate upholstery will be other key features of home décor in the coming years if the trends of the bygone years are anything to measure up to. Accessories will be a big deal in the new year – a bright vase or a kitschy bit of furniture, an art deco piece perhaps – a mirror or a painting that is very interesting will be the focal points of the rooms. Swag curtains, valance curtains, table runners, pendant lights and so on and so forth will be the high points too. 2012 2013 interior design trends saw the beginnings of a breaking out of the mould where interior design was concerned, and an emphasis on experiments. 2014 will serve to carry that trend forward in a new and much improved fashion.


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