What You Should Expect from Interior Paint Colors for 2014

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Interior paint colors for 2014 are not a difficult choice, given that there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, since home décor trends have changed significantly in the past few years. The best part about the color palette in vogue now, is that home décor has been rendered interesting and experimental. The emphasis is on out of the box thought and color creativity. Sure, the traditional colors like beige, cream, white, pastels and light yellows are still there and will most definitely stay on, brighter and louder colors are being given the opportunity to burst onto the scene and completely sweep everyone off their feet. Earlier, loud colors like red, dark blue, black and gray, orange, purple and pink etc. were not considered suitable for home interiors. There were certain rooms like the dining room, which refused to be painted in anything else but light and neutral shades and it was thought and believed, that if the dining room was painted in colors such as red, green or blue, it would affect the dining process because these colors would negatively affect the diners and make them feel nauseous and unwell after a meal. Thankfully, such notions are now being relegated to the background and even the most conventional of home owners are opening up to beautiful interior paint colors for 2014.

Interior paint colors for 2014 trends

If current trends are to be believed, interior paint colors for 2014 will be extremely fun and vibrant and will bring a dash of color into everyone’s lives. There are color options for everyone, not only those with modern and contemporary houses – even for traditional houses looking for a makeover. Bright reds, pinks, neons, different shades of yellow and orange, teals, blues, lavenders, purples, periwinkles and what not are being considered for the New Year, so that the home looks like a bright and vibrant flower and is infused with life and happiness through these colors. These beautiful colors can also be combined and used in the same room, thus changing the trends of home décor completely. In fact, if the current trends are any indication, feature walls, ceiling paint, textured paint, wall decals and stencils in various shades will become all the more interesting and popular in the coming years and home décor will go from one level to the other in quick succession indeed.  You can look for inspiration from interior house paint colors pictures – which are found in abundance online.

New interior color for 2014

Ideas for interior paint colors for 2014

Do not be afraid to experiment with interior paint colors for 2014. There is something for everyone and even if you are worried about using bright colors when you have always stuck to safe shades, there will be something that can fit into your home décor. Try out a bright shade as part of a feature wall concept – choose a bright shade – or two – and paint it onto one wall. You can even choose the shade in question and paint a design on a neutrally painted wall. This way you can add a pop of color to the living room or bedroom and you do not have to compromise on the décor too much. You can also think about how different shades will go with your upholstery and match that to your walls. All in all, interior colors should be vibrant. You can even choose monochrome and colors like gray, black, etc. in interesting combinations – on the ceiling, as feature walls etc. In fact, many homes are experimenting with dark ceilings, in shades of gray or black, which make the room look larger. Paint color trends 2014 are definitely to watch out for!

9 Photos of the What You Should Expect from Interior Paint Colors for 2014

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