Japanese Kitchen Designs

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A traditional Japanese kitchen design in the simplest description is very simple. The Japanese style home interior designs are based on minimalistic principles. Function is of importance and every element in the kitchen design should be incorporated or relate to a certain function. Just like most Asian kitchen designs, culture plays a big role in how the design is created. The little elements like room décor and accessories represent the unique customs of a certain culture. A traditional Japanese kitchen design uses wood as a main material. Japanese culture is very nature-oriented. They have great respect for nature and takes extra care when using materials from the environment. Japanese home designs are known to be eco-friendly homes. You’ll notice that traditional Japanese houses are mostly made from wood and designed in such a way that doors can be opened to invite natural light in. This style of designing is what we also see in a Japanese kitchen design.

Features of a modern Japanese kitchen design

A modern Japanese kitchen design is sleek and minimalistic. While the overall design is modern, there are obvious hints of Japanese style designing. It’s a no-nonsense design that doesn’t care for trinkets and irrelevant room décor. The kitchen design is very practical. The layout of all the elements is meant to make way for easy moving and maximum function. To add that Japanese theme, additions like traditional Japanese kitchenware or Japanese-inspired cabinets are used. Some designers go for specific features like sliding doors, bamboo furniture or earthenware. One feature of a tradition Japanese kitchen design or home interior that can really give that Japanese style is the right lighting. Using Japanese inspired lighting like lanterns or classic lamps makes the kitchen acquire a Japanese appearance. Because you’re aiming for a natural lighting appearance, skywindows or large sliding windows that allow natural light would be the best option. Adding natural plants in the interior design is also an effortless way to create a Japanese kitchen design.

Modern Japanese Kitchen Designs Small Desk

Create your own Japanese kitchen design

Tokyo Kitchen is a company that specializes in creating Japanese kitchen designs. They further highlight the traditional aspects through incorporating it with modern designs. They’re known for making sleek, modern, and captivating kitchen designs. A lot of their projects show a lot of sleek and straight lines. This is evident in their kitchen cabinet designs, flooring designs and countertop designs. Their basic designs make it easy to work in the kitchen. It’s also created in such a way that cleaning and maintenance is very simple. Most of the kitchen furniture in Tokyo Kitchen designs are made from wood with a little bit of stainless steel. With their designs, you can immediately recognize the Japanese style incorporated in a modern kitchen design. You can create your own Japanese kitchen design by using online kitchen designing tools or seeking assistance from designers who have experience in creating Asian-inspired home interior designs.

20 Photos of the Japanese Kitchen Designs

Modern Japanese Kitchen Designs YellowModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Yellow SofaModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Wood TableModern Japanese Kitchen Designs WhiteModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Sofa WhiteModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Sofa BlueModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Small DeskModern Japanese Kitchen Designs ShelvingModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Red WallModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Red Hanging LampModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Hanging LampModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Dining ChairsModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Decorative Lighting StyleModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Chair WhiteModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Ceramic FloorModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Ceramic Floor StyleModern Japanese Kitchen Designs Cabinet EatModern Japanese Kitchen Cabinet Designs WoodModern Japanese Kitchen Cabinet Designs WhiteModern Designs Japanese Kitchen Cabinet Glass

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