Kids Bathroom Decorating

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Kids bathroom decorating is no mean feat, especially if the kids in question are the kind who are highly precocious and know exactly what they want and will not settle for any less. This means you will have to be very careful about what you choose in terms of design elements because you will not want to be told that the child in question does not like it and hence change it and spend more money on renovation. That is why it makes sense to be canny about remodeling or decorating any room that belongs to a child, and ask his or her opinion before doing so!  A bathroom is a very sensitive space when it comes to a child especially since children are known for their aversion to bathing. From the time they are young they develop a strange apathy towards the bathroom and if it is a space that is not particularly well done up then the parents of the child will have a really tough time every day, getting the kid to bathe. This can be rectified if the parents make the effort of doing up the child’s bathroom with a beautiful design. Kids love themed décor and this is a beautiful idea when it comes to kids bathroom decorating.

Tips on how to go about kids bathroom decorating

Kids bathroom decorating can be about keeping things simple, or you can go a little overboard with the décor – this depends on you and how much money and effort you want to spend on decorating a child’s bathroom. Traditionally bathrooms were over looked anyway because they were considered to be rooms which were practical and utilitarian and thus, it was only required to be well decorated, nothing else. However, thankfully this notion has undergone a sea change and interior design is all about making the bathroom look as lovely as the rest of the house, and this includes children’s bathrooms as well. When you think about decorating a child’s bathroom you will have to ensure that you keep the child’s age in mind. Very small children do not need elaborately decorated bathrooms; all you need to do is make the bathroom colorful and inviting to help lure them into it so that you can give them a bath. Paint the walls with a fresh coat of brightly colored paint – for kids, you can go for yellow, green, bright orange, pink or blue. Enhance this with designs on the walls – stencils, wall decals and such like  – flowers are a very common preference.  If your child is older, look up tutorials online on how to decorate teenager’s bathroom.

Pretty Kids Bathroom Decorating

More ways to do kids bathroom decorating

Kids bathroom decorating ideas are available easily online and there are plenty of photographs and tutorials to give you inspiration on how to go about it. The main focus should be the bright appeal of the room and therefore go for bright colors and pretty pictures. Choose a them for the child’s bathroom – like a zoo or underwater theme as this will surely catch his or her attention. Little girls might like a pink theme so have a look at those options. Another popular way to decorate a child’s bathroom is to buy matching shower curtains, bath towels, bath accessories etc. For example, choose soap dispensers that are all matched – soap tray, lotion bottle,  brush holders etc, should be matched with the shower curtains. The little yellow rubber ducky is an all time favorite when it comes to a kid’s bathroom so be sure to incorporate it even when you are looking up how to decorate teenager’s bathroom.


12 Photos of the Kids Bathroom Decorating

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