Kitchen Colors 2014 for Bright and Lively Ambiance

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Thinking about new kitchen colors 2014? Well you have made the right decision. Current trends of home décor indicate that the New Year and all the forthcoming years will be about making the home – and every room in it – beautiful and extremely appealing. Earlier, the kitchen and the bathroom were left largely alone when it came to décor. It was believed that it would be unnecessary to decorate the rooms that were not used for any other purpose other than the practical – and since no one spent more time than necessary, it could be left alone. However, with ever changing notions of interior décor, the bathroom and the kitchen began getting more attention and especially now, have been given importance of their own – where home décor and interior color trends are concerned. Take the kitchen, for example – it is now widely believed that it will not do to merely organize the kitchen and leave it at that. If a kitchen is well done up and decorated, in addition to it being well organized and neat, it will make the job of the person slaving over the hot stove, that much more appealing, as a result of which the meals that are cooked will surely taste better! Thus, homeowners now believe it to be worth their while to check out and implement kitchen colors 2014.

Trends in kitchen colors 2014

Where new trends in kitchen colors 2014 are concerned, many believe it is a good idea to add bright and extremely vibrant shades to the kitchen décor – both in terms of accessories and in terms of paint and color. The best part about a bright kitchen is that the space looks large and welcoming – which actually makes the daily chore of cooking a pleasant experience. Choose bright shades for the walls of the kitchen. If you are worried about how bright shades will look, having always gone with the safe shades till date, it would not be a bad idea to incorporate splashes of color into the décor of the kitchen. Once you have decided to do this, choose a color which goes well with your mood and temperament – do not go for colors which you do not like personally, just because they are the most popular shades now. A lot can be done with different shades and hues and it would not be a bad idea to pick and choose your personal favorites. If you do not want to go into the expense of re painting the kitchen walls then you can always install colorful tiles as part of the backsplash behind the kitchen sink or the kitchen stove. Popular kitchen colors for 2014 are the primary shades and all conceivable hues of the same.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors 2014

Ideal kitchen colors 2014

When it comes to kitchen colors 2014, the ideal shades are those which brighten the kitchen and make the space seem larger at the same time. No matter how small your kitchen is, always choose colors that are the best way to optimize the space in it. Therefore be mindful of what colors you are using so that you do not end up creating a space that looks cramped and dingy just because the colors are so bright that they overwhelm the space. If you have a small kitchen then it would be a good idea to avoid dark blue, dark red, and so on – it would be a better idea to incorporate the same into the décor as part of a feature wall or tiles for the backsplash. Decorating colors for 2014 might incorporate all shades possible but it might be so that everything will not go with your kitchen style.

9 Photos of the Kitchen Colors 2014 for Bright and Lively Ambiance

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