Kitchen Design 2014 Inspiration

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Kitchen design 2014 is not only about making the best of your space, but also about making the kitchen one of the better organized and definitely one of the better looking rooms in the house. The kitchen is a very beautiful and necessary space. It is where the food – the sustenance of the family – is cooked, and it is where many members of the family find a common bond. Once the kitchen is made to look beautiful as it is practical, it will be better for the people of the house simply because it will become a better place for the family to cook in. a kitchen is often left unattended where décor is concerned because people believe it to be a room that is largely practical and therefore any superficial décor is not required. But that is where they are wrong – a kitchen needs to be decorated just as any other room and it would be a great idea to do it up in a neat and organized manner, yes, it is a better idea however, do decorate it as it should be. Kitchens are now being done up with state-of-the-art design and décor and thus they are befitting for any modern and contemporary home that is done up in a similar and stylish manner. Kitchen design 2014 will only serve to carry forward these trends.

Tips for kitchen design 2014

Color will form a very crucial part of kitchen design 2014 and this is where home décor takes a giant leap of faith. The new years will see a huge shift where color palettes are concerned – primarily, muted colors will be relegated to the background, or kept around to mainly complement brighter colors, but the year 2014 onwards will mainly be about bright and extremely vibrant shades. Brilliant shades of red, yellow, green, blue, orange and even pink and purple are going to be the shades to set the kitchen and its décor on fire. If you are not too sure about how your kitchen and your family will react to such shades, it would be a good idea to keep the kitchen walls largely neutral and make one wall bright and happy. Choose to make a feature wall in your kitchen using a bright color like red, orange or yellow. Or else, choose brightly colored tiles for the backsplash that goes behind a washbasin or stove top. Usually people stick to very safe colors like white, beige, light yellow or cream for the walls as well as the backsplash but this way the kitchen will really look bright and beautiful. Have a look at photos of kitchen colors for 2014 and prepare to be blown away.

Design Trends for 2014

Other ideas for kitchen design 2014

Kitchen design 2014 is definitely about color palettes and new shades being used in the kitchen, however, it is also about making the entire kitchen look as though there is enough space in it. This should be the case no matter how large or small the kitchen is – the design should ensure that the space is well used and optimized to its utmost extent. This means that the kitchen needs to be well fitted with kitchen islands, racks and shelves, wall units and other valuable design elements that will keep everything in its place within reach and make it look superbly free of any clutter. Kitchen ideas 2014 include investing in a kitchen island that is multipurpose – with racks below it so that there is ample storage space. You can even buy one on wheels so that it can be easily moved. Kitchen islands can also have a hook rack above so that all the utensils can be hung around it. The way your kitchen looks is up to you, really!

8 Photos of the Kitchen Design 2014 Inspiration

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