L Shaped Kitchen Design

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An L shaped kitchen design is one of the most common design used for small spaces. This type of kitchen layout allows you to maximize a corner in the house. When we say L shaped, we’re looking at a kitchen design that is against two corners of the house. It’s a suitable kitchen layout when you’re going for an open space interior layout. This kind of kitchen design makes the space more flexible because it doesn’t create a barrier between the kitchen and the dining area. With that, you can expand the kitchen space when needed or extend the dining space when needed. There are a lot of advantages to using an L shaped kitchen design. Aside from the possibility of having an open space layout, the design dictates that most of the cabinets or shelves for the kitchen be against the wall. The obvious location for storage space lessens the things you have to think about especially when you have a small space. It also frees the area from any obstruction like how a kitchen island would. This is what makes an L shaped kitchen design an asset when you have a small house. Of course for homes with more space, you can still have an L-shaped kitchen design with island. It all boils down to the using the right size that is suitable for the overall space of the kitchen area.

Why should you choose an L shaped kitchen design?

For small apartments of small houses, an L shaped kitchen design seems like the most feasible. Aside from its compatibility to an open floor plan, it’s also the design that allows you to have a flexible space. Having an open floor plan makes a home interior look more spacious. In terms of keeping things where they are and creating an individual space for each room, the L –shaped kitchen design ideas can still give you this kind of bordering despite the open-space appearance. There are numerous advantages for using an L shaped kitchen design. But even a beautiful kitchen design can look bad if not executed properly. The right measurements should be taken to ensure that the sizing and scale of the cabinets, sink, stove, etc. are fit for the size of the designated kitchen area. While an L shaped kitchen design is suitable for small spaces, it doesn’t rule out the idea of using it for bigger houses.

L Shaped Kitchen Designs Glass Vase

Maximize the space with an L shaped kitchen design

When you have a small space, the L shaped kitchen design helps you create an open floor layout. That’s one of the biggest perks of using this kitchen layout. However, there’s more to just choosing a kitchen layout. There are numerous ways that can help you make a small space seem larger. The type of materials you choose, as well as the color and style can also affect the kitchen appearance. Create the illusion of space by incorporating the right colors and other kitchen décor. Use glass and mirrors together with your L shaped kitchen design to help maximize the L shaped kitchen design.

21 Photos of the L Shaped Kitchen Design

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