What You Need to Know About the Latest Interior Design Trends 2014

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Latest interior design trends 2014 are all about making the space in the home look extremely beautiful and spacious. They are all about the correct optimization of space and they ensure that the home is rendered amazing in a very short span of time. Interior design is now about making the home stand out and so that it looks very different. Gone are the days when interior décor was about keeping things very neutral where the color of the walls, the upholstery and the décor are very safe in style. If recent trends are to be believed then décor is now about being flamboyant and extremely vibrant, and given the state of affairs where availability of color palettes etc. are concerned, there is a lot that can be done. Interior design is now about bright colors, space optimizing furniture, wall decals, beautiful and quirky light fixtures and accessories that are extremely vibrant and add a focal point to the room. Objet-de-art is now in vogue more than ever, and those people who travel are encouraged to show off their  souvenirs. There is a lot that can be done with latest interior design trends 2014 in the new year and the best part about it is there is a lot of space for creativity and self expression.

Colors that are accepted in latest interior design trends 2014

The latest interior design trends 2014 are about making the rooms colorful and vibrant but ensuring that they  do not crowd or overwhelm the room. Before you decide on an interesting shade or a combination of shades for your room, ensure that your room is large enough to accommodate dark shades. Small rooms might look crowded or claustrophobic if you use dark shades to paint all four walls. For example, if the color blue is very appealing to you, and you want to paint your walls a deep Prussian blue, that will make a small room look overwhelmingly small and cramped. However, if you still want to incorporate this into your home décor scheme then you can think about making a feature wall with that color. Paint one wall in a deep Prussian and keep the rest of the walls a light color like cream, white or beige to offset it. This will work for other colors like dark red or purple etc. as well. All that needs to be done is to ensure that the colors match and are a good combination. For example, different shades of the same color can also be used in an ombre pattern on one wall and so on. Home design trends for 2014 are pretty interesting, as you can see.

Latest Interior Design Trends 2013

Latest interior design trends 2014 are different

When you have a look at latest interior design trends 2014, you will see how they are very different from the usual. Many things are different, including the furniture that is invested in. there is an emphasis on minimalist designs where furniture is concerned,  – large and bulky designs are not very viable for the houses and homes today simply because space has shrunk over the years and the rooms are much smaller in size. If you look at 2012 2013 interior design trends, this concept of space saving furniture will become apparent – box beds, stools and ottomans with space inside, pull out or roll out drawers under the bed etc. are rampant and extremely popular because it allows the space to look beautiful and there is a lot of storage space as well so there is no room for clutter. It is important that the space be optimized and made to look beautiful at the same time.

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