Laundry Rooms Design

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The laundry rooms design isn’t something on the top of our list. It’s not like the living room where guests usually stay when they visit, nor is it like the bathroom that is meant to be comfortable. But should you decide to take the time to plan out an ergonomic laundry room design, there are a lot of ideas out there that can help you in creating a nice laundry room. A laundry room design layout should help make the task of doing laundry easier. Proper location of the sink, laundry machine, storage, drainage, etc. should be planned out. When you have the right places for all the elements in the laundry room design, your work becomes easier. Your energy is not wasted and you become more efficient. This helps you save time and makes the task of doing laundry less tiring. For small houses and apartments, small laundry room ideas will work well.

Small laundry rooms design for small apartments

Small apartments don’t usually have the luxury of having a separate laundry room. Numerous laundry rooms design have been created and here are some ideas. Some homeowners incorporate the laundry room with the bathroom since it makes the drainage system easier. You will also find home interior designs that have incorporate the laundry room with the kitchen area. There are a lot of designs that can make this possible without creating a bad appearance to the room. Using cabinets to hide the laundry machine and other elements can help make the house interior look better. It’ll keep your guests from seeing your laundry even when it’s in the same place as your kitchen.

Laundry Room Design with White Sofa and Green Carpet

How to maximize laundry rooms design

Storage space is important. A good idea for laundry rooms design is to put all the “dirty” things in one place. Choose a small space or corner in the house that can cater to the size of your washing machine. Build a cabinet where you can store the machine after using it. It’s a great way to cover it up when guests arrive. Store your laundry just beside the machine. Create more storage space in the cabinet and use it to keep your detergent, cleaning materials and other things that you wouldn’t want your guests to see. If building a cabinet is too costly, you can opt to use curtains instead. This way you can change it on a regular basis while still managing to keep your “dirty: items away from sight. If you have an ironing board, it should also be in the same area as the washing machine so you can be more efficient by having all the necessary things in one place. Washing machine, dryer and ironing board in the same place can help you keep things organized. It makes your more efficient and helps you save time. The laundry rooms design can be made to occupy the smallest of spaces if you choose the right laundry room designs.


22 Photos of the Laundry Rooms Design

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