Lights Christmas Trees

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Installing lights Christmas trees are an important part and parcel of all Christmas traditions and should never be neglected. There are lots of various ideas and notions behind putting up Christmas lights on a tree and elsewhere all around the house.  There is a lot more to Christmas lights than just making the space look pretty, though there is a lot to this aspect of these ornaments as well. The tradition of putting up Christmas lights all over the house and on the Christmas tree is an ancient and well loved one and people all over the world do it, even if their religion isn’t one that traditionally celebrates Christmas. This tradition started as far back as the 17th century and were usually representative of shining stars. This meant that candles would be stuck to the ends of branches using wax or needles and this proved to be rather impractical as there was a constant fear of the tree or the house catching fire. Since this did prove to be a fire hazard as such, people started putting off this tradition till the day before Christmas, and decorated their trees and houses on Christmas eve – and this is how the modern tradition had its beginnings.  Lights Christmas trees look beautiful and should be fixtures in all houses come Christmas.

The story behind putting up lights Christmas trees

The trend or the fashion of putting up lights Christmas trees started way back in the seventeenth century and remains as popular now as it was back then. This is because these beautiful lights are said to not only make the room look pretty but also serve the purpose of ushering good luck and good will and ward away evil. The tradition started to catch on in earnest when an evergreen tree was decorated with pretty red, white and blue lights by an associate of Thomas Edison named Edward Johnson, who did this in 1882. Then, the White House was decorated in this manner. This was when the public took notice and started following this trend in their own homes. Initially it was very expensive of course, and there were only a few homes which could afford the electricity bill that came with putting up Christmas lights all over the house and on a tree. Therefore, it was not very popular or common till when electricity became a lot less expensive and more affordable. In these times as well when one puts up Christmas lights it is important that great care is taken with regard to the safety of the wiring.

Bethlehem Lights Christmas Trees Green Light

Tips on putting up lights Christmas trees

Lights Christmas trees do not need much fanfare really when they are being set up, given that they are going to look pretty however they are strung. But yes, it would be a good idea to make sure that they are strung up on the tree and around the house in an orderly way so that there is absolutely no way that they can look haphazard or ungainly. After all, there has to be a certain order in the chaos. If you have a small house or live in an apartment it would be a good idea to go easy on the number of lights you use, else your home could resemble a large light bulb in itself. You can use tiny, twinkling yellow lights which are the usual choices for Christmas or any other festival and you can also go for tiny blue, white and red lights. Make sure that you do your bit for the environment by saving electricity and thus buy LED Christmas lights for your home.


20 Photos of the Lights Christmas Trees

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