Makeup Storage Ideas

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Tell any woman you will give her some makeup storage ideas and she will instantly become happy! Most women have a huge collection of makeup and storing them all properly often becomes a problem. This is when the amazing makeup storage ideas come in handy. From using proper makeup compartments to using household items in innovative ways, you can find many solutions for your makeup storage problems. Let us talk about a few ways in which you can safely store your makeup without letting them get spoilt or having them scatter around all over the house.

Innovative makeup storage ideas

Apart from using a dressing with different compartments and drawers, there are a lot of things you can use to keep your lipsticks, your lotions, your eye shadow and your other beauty products. First and foremost, you can use a spice rack and turn it into an innovative storage compartment. Use the different jars to keep your beauty products. Just make sure that the rack is new and no spice has ever been in it! Then, you can use your child’s pencil boxes for this purpose as well. A pencil box is a great container to store the eye pencils, lip lines and other longish items. You can also store your makeup brushes in these boxes. If you do not have space around the house to build a dresser, you can use a very innovative idea to solve your makeup storage problems. All you have to do is get a portable mirror with racks behind it. Hang it on the wall in such a way that you can flip it around. So this will dually function as a mirror as well as a makeup storage compartment that will get concealed easily. This is indeed one of the best makeup storage ideas.

Makeup Storage Ideas With Flower Decoration

Looking for some additional makeup storage ideas?

If you are looking for some additional makeup storage ideas, then you can look:

  1. Online – The internet is a great place to find makeup organization ideas. You can look at pictures, see videos and also read articles and blogs regarding this. You can also join a group and discuss the solutions and ideas with fellow members. All this will help you to find some of the best ideas regarding the storage of your beauty products.
  2. In a home improvement magazine – Another great source to find these ideas is a home improvement magazine. These magazines have some very interesting ideas and you can implement them in your own house.
  3. In the house – Yes, that is right! Looking around the house can yield some wonderful results as you may just end up finding some very unique places where you cans tore your makeup products. Get creative and use the nooks and corners to see how you can transform them into storage compartments. Once that is done and you are flooded with ideas, you can safely put your beauty products away and use them later on.

It is not a very difficult task to find the best and the most convenient makeup storage solutions. You just need to do a little research and then you also have to get a little creative and innovative. Necessity is the mother of invention and so when you are in need, the solutions will appear in front of you themselves! All you have to do is stay alert and use your senses to spot these solutions. Like mentioned above, there are places you can go to for additional help. So keep all the tips in mind and very soon you will have the best makeup storage ideas with you.

12 Photos of the Makeup Storage Ideas

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