Modern Curtains 2014 For Homes In Warm Climates

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Modern curtains 2014 add a certain sense of style to the house and are extremely fashionable to begin with. There is a lot that is said about modern curtains and the main elements of these curtains is that they are vibrant and loud even, in their color scheme and they can never be classified as dull. If one goes online, one will be privy to a host of different colors, patterns and styles of curtains – something which was not available even a few years ago. Curtains were initially invented as a very practical requirement. They kept the prying eyes of the neighbors out, and they also provided shade in the rooms from the hot summer sun. then, slowly, curtains began to gain recognition as viable items of home décor as well – and how. Curtains are the best option when you want to give a quick makeover to your room – all you need to do is buy, or make, a new set and hang them in place of the old. There is no need to spend money on repainting the walls, or reupholstering the furniture, neither do you have to spend money on buying new furniture. Modern curtains 2014 will take into account the practical aspect of it and fulfill the aesthetic aspect of it as well.

Elements of modern curtains 2014

Modern curtains 2014 are a very good option for contemporary homes because they are stylish and practical at the same time. A very popular type of modern style curtains are valances. Valances also come with a history of their own – they were invented to serve a very practical purpose – that of covering the unsightly aluminum or metal rods that the curtains were hung. In a home which was otherwise very tastefully decorated, the metal rods were proving to be a very unsightly addition. Therefore, valances were created out of large swathes of cloth which then were folded over the curtain rods and hid them from view. Over time, these became a type of curtain themselves and are now used as part of window treatments or home décor, by themselves. There are many different kinds of valance curtains and the most popular one in modern times is the swag valance curtain which is essentially a large swath of cloth which one can loop over the curtain rod in such a way that both ends hang down on either side. Other than that contemporary window curtains are also about interesting patterns and designs.

Trendy Curtains

Tips on buying modern curtains 2014

Modern curtains 2014 come in all kinds of styles, that we have already discussed – such as valance, tiers, etc. They also come in some of the most outrageous color combinations, patterns and designs, given that they need to be  eye catching, though they never go down the garish or awkward path. If you want your living room or bedroom to be brightened up immediately, it would be a good idea to make the whole space bright by buying a few brightly colored curtains. Geometric shapes, color blocking, floral patterns, quirky and kitschy prints are very much in vogue when it comes to new age curtains and materials such as bamboo, recycled cloth and others such as jacquard, cotton, lace, silk and so on and so forth. When choosing curtains it is a good idea to be mindful of what climate you live in and what room you hang them in. If you live in an extremely warm and humid climate then it makes no sense to buy heavy drapes which will get dirty easily and be a nightmare to clean. Do not put up lace and flimsy, yet trendy curtains in the kitchen because they might be a fire hazard – and so on.


9 Photos of the Modern Curtains 2014 For Homes In Warm Climates

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