Modern Dining Rooms 2014 Ideas and Inspiration

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Modern dining rooms 2014 will not only be about making the space look extremely appealing, thereby heightening the dining experience, it will also be about making the most of the space available. all modern ideas of home décor are now being very stringent about one concept – that of space. The emphasis is on making the space in the home larger, and even if the home is small, then giving it an effect of space is what the home décor ideas are about these days. There are many tips floating around on the internet which tell you how exactly to make a small space look larger and how best to optimize a large space and you should have a look at them when you want to remodel or redecorate your home or any room in it. Thanks to an ever growing concrete jungle, space is a very real issue in our lives these days.  We rarely have the luxury of large and spacious rooms and ever too often make a mistake of cramming our houses with excessive furniture and accessories which make the existing space shrink. However, of late the interior décor trend has been more about making more space in the rooms than cluttering it, which is why, minimalist décor is such a big hit. Modern dining rooms 2014 will follow a similar, minimalist, yet interesting path.

Tips for modern dining rooms 2014

When you want to follow décor tips for modern dining rooms 2014, you must take into consideration all aspects of the décor – paint on the walls, furniture, crockery, lights, everything.  It does not matter whether your dining room conforms to a certain shape, or size, all you must do is to make the most of the space available and utilize the space intelligently. This is possible even if you have a dining room that is L shaped and narrow. All you need, are a few interesting tips to make the space sparkle. First up, modern and contemporary dining rooms are all about color. Earlier, traditional concepts of design stated that dining rooms should not be colored in a certain way – they should not use loud and bright colors, basically. Colors like red, blue, green and purple should be avoided for the dining room because they would apparently negatively affect the dining experience and make the diners feel nauseous after their meal. However, this concept is now outdated and there are plenty of dark colors that are being used for the dining room now. In fact, red, blue, green etc. are definitely being incorporated into modern dining room décor in some way or the other.

modern dining rooms 2014

More ideas for modern dining rooms 2014

Apart from the color scheme being very important, modern dining rooms 2014 have a few interesting concepts in mind. Lighting, for example, if very important in the scheme of things. Modern dining rooms have now started following a trend of hanging a focal light over the dining table –this way there is a focus on the food that is laid out on the table. Also, warm lights, beautiful lamp shades and dim lighting are making a keen  come back to the dining room. Table runners, fruit bowls in crystal, brightly colored crockery and cutlery and mismatched items on the table are also hall marks of contemporary dining rooms. There is no hard and fast rule that everything must be matched and in sync, and the mismatched items lend a charm of their own to the room. Modern dining room décor also involve smaller tables and chairs, glass tops for the tables make sense because they add a sense of space to the room.


9 Photos of the Modern Dining Rooms 2014 Ideas and Inspiration

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