Paint Colors for Dining Rooms 2014

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Paint colors for dining rooms 2014 are easy to choose, simply because there is a staggering variety available for those who would like to experiment with their home interiors. This is simply because home décor  trends have changed drastically since the traditions of a few years ago. Earlier home décor was not sa bold and experimental as it is today and most people preferred to adhere to the conventional colors and décor trends. It was widely accepted that neutral colors and muted shades were the best ideas for the rooms, because it made matching the upholstery and other accessories in the room easier to coordinate. The dining room especially was considered to be a sacred space which was not to be defiled by loud or bright colors. Colors like red, green, blue and all the different shades that are available for them were considered to be the worst choice for dining rooms because they would apparently make the dining experience a very unfortunate one. The diners would be gravely affected by these colors, it was thought, and there would be a significant impact on how the food tasted and how it was received. However, these notions are now obsolete and paint colors for dining rooms 2014 are definitely different, experimental and extremely bright and vibrant.

Accepted paint colors for dining rooms 2014

If you want to know what the accepted paint colors for dining rooms 2014 are, you only have to go online and have a look at all the home décor websites that are available. There are plenty of color guides available for specific rooms and the color choices for the dining room will definitely take your breath away. There are so many options now, that the choice is staggering and there will be something for everyone, for sure. There are also a number of guided tutorials available online for those who do not know exactly, how to choose the right kind of color for the dining room, given the changed trends and the wide variety available. Not only do the guidelines tell you what to do about the colors but they also give you an idea of what color combinations will look good in the dining room. Dining rooms colors are now incorporating hefty splashes of red, green, blue and purple – the same colors that were considered to be an anathema for the dining room! Yes, dining room paint colors have undergone a significant change.

paint colors for dining rooms 2014

Different paint colors for dining room 2014

Paint colors for dining rooms 2014 are continuing the trend that the dining room paint colors for 2012 and 2013 started. This gradual change is what is amazing – and this is how it happened. A gradual process replaced the muted shades of cream, yellow, white and off white with splashes of color in the manner of feature walls, wall decals, stencils and wall paper. Wall decals of fruit and other dining room specific motifs are very popular even today and they are well appreciated as well. How should you incorporate new colors into your dining room décor? By analyzing the size of your dining room and then figuring out which colors will go. Usually, dark colors will make a room look smaller so if you have a small dining room and still want to experiment with colors, try out a feature wall or a bit of tiling. Decorating dining room color paints involve making the dining room beautiful and feisty – so you can even think of getting bright colors combined onto one wall or the four walls. For example, if you have a large dining room, purple and green is a very good combination, further enhanced by clear crystal crockery.


8 Photos of the Paint Colors for Dining Rooms 2014

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