An Update for Popular Dining Room Colors for 2014

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Popular dining room colors for 2014 are very different from what dining room colors used to be even a few years ago. For one, there is a greater emphasis on bright colors and darker shades, which was definitely not the case where traditional concepts of dining room décor were concerned. Not only are a completely different set of colors popular for the dining room now, overall concepts of home décor have also undergone a sea change. When you consider the number of different palettes available now, you will be overwhelmed with the choice. When choosing new and improved colors, all you have to do is ensure that the dining room size is compliant with the colors you choose and all will be well. The darker colors will obviously make a dining room look smaller and cramped and you might actually be guilty of negatively affecting a diner’s appetite  – as was the general assumption in traditional times – though if you choose dark colors for a large room it will add to the general beauty and elegance of it since there is enough space to accommodate them. When choosing colors for a dining room be careful not to go overboard because colors which look nice in a catalog might not look as good on your walls – so choose popular dining room colors for 2014 well.

Popular dining room colors for 2014

Popular dining room colors for 2014 are all about making the dining room a beautiful and bright place. Even if you think that it is a safer deal to stick to neutral and light shades because it makes life easier for you, it would not be a bad idea to go down that road or bright colors and see what suits you. It would make a gigantic difference to the overall look of your house and it would bring much color into your dining room and transform it from an ordinary room to a place which is vibrant and extremely appealing to be in. and that is what home décor is all about in the first place. To ensure that the home is transformed into something that is appealing and extraordinary from a place that is just “okay”.  Dining rooms are meant to be beautifully done up and if you can choose colors for it, then why not. Popular colors for the dining room in the year 2014 include bright reds, pinks, green and blues – and all the colors of the primary and secondary spectrum. Choose between bright shades of fuchsia and neon if you are open to experimentation and you can also choose to have a combination of bright colors if you are daring enough. When choosing new colors for dining room it would be a good idea to choose purple, pink, orange or peach.

New Colors for Dining Rooms

More options for popular dining room colors for 2014

Be fearless when choosing popular dining room colors for 2014 – you can easily have a bright dining room with understated crockery and upholstery to tone down the color palette. Sometimes people choose to have a bright color palette for their dining room. To do this, choose two bright colors which might go well together and alternate them in bright stripes on one dining room wall. Let the other three walls remain neutral and also,  make the upholstery on the chairs, the table linen and the curtains a neutral and light shade. This will give your dining room some much needed color without compromising its existing décor. Popular dining room wall colors are all about choosing shades like periwinkle, aquamarine, teal, tangerine, cobalt, fuchsia, amaranth, carmine and so on and so forth.


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