Popular Paint Colors for Dining Rooms 2014

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Popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014 are all about bright reds, dashing pinks, vibrant greens and soothing blues. When you want to make a definite impression on your guests, you could think about remodeling your home and especially your dining room. You can always add color to the proceedings with crockery and upholstery yes but a fresh coat of vibrant paint does a lot for the rooms in a way that nothing else can. Paint color choices have undergone a very substantial  change and now the choices are all about making the dining room blissfully bright. Traditional notions of home décor shied away from bright and loud color choices for the dining room because of the idea that bright colors like red, green, etc. made the dining room look dark and dingy and this significantly impacted the appetite of the diners. While there is some truth behind this logic – a depressing color scheme will definitely not add to the dining experience, the traditional notions of home décor have changed significantly to accommodate brighter colors and this has been a positive change indeed. Choose the popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014 according to your tastes and your family’s aesthetic senses. Do not go for a certain color or color combination just because it looks good on a brochure.

Popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014 include neons

While it might be a shock to some, but popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014 include colors that  were never considered for home décor, much less dining room décor. for example, if you have a large dining room you will be able to choose colors such as neon pink, bright neon yellow, even neon green etc. for your walls. If you are skeptical about this, you can always add little pops of the color and see what will look good in your home. Choose neon printed tiles or one color neon tiles in various sizes to create an interesting back drop on one wall or even a bright neon tiling on the ceiling and see the effect it has on the overall décor. A bright fuchsia pink wall is great for a dining room and can be a fantastic way to jazz up a hitherto white dining room. You can also choose bright colors like red, magenta, orange and such like and they are all good colors for dining room.

Colors for Dining Room

Choosing popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014

When you choose popular paint colors for dining rooms 2014 it is best to do a very thorough research of your options.  The dining room is a very important room in the house – it is not only a space where people sit down for a meal – a necessary function for a person – but it is also a place where people go to bond and have a great time together. The French, for example, are known to have four hour long meals because it is a social gathering as much as it is a dining experience. Therefore, a dining room should always be done up in a very interesting and appealing manner which is to everyone’s tastes not just yours. So ensure that your family is also keen on the colors that you choose. Another popular color palette for the dining room in 2014 is a monochrome color palette – black and white is a great combination for the dining room and this  monotony can be slightly broken by bright curtains or crockery. Most popular dining rooms colors include periwinkle, teal, ochre, sunflower yellow, magenta, carmine, crimson, beige, rum red and so on and so forth.

9 Photos of the Popular Paint Colors for Dining Rooms 2014

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