Tree Stump Coffee Table Ideas

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A tree stump coffee table is a nice addition in your home. Decorate your home with something natural like tree stumps would be very interesting. Tree stumps can be made into various types of furniture. It can be a chair, lamps, trays, and even made ​​into a coffee table. Tree stump coffee table will seem more decorative than you have a regular table. This will directly increase the overall room decor with the natural look of the coffee table itself.

How to make your own tree stump coffee table

More interestingly, if you can make your own tree stump coffee table. Do not have the skills? Do not worry. You do not need a special skill to make it, but a creativity. For a simple idea, you can prepare three or five tree stumps or whatever you want to make a  a tree stump coffee table. The trunk can be purchased at a cheap price and you can get several rods with different heights to make it more amazing. If you already have a complete material, you can make the concept of the picture before you make a pattern. Keep in mind that you should be keeping everything looks natural. So, while the process of sanding, you must keep every detail, and after that you can paint them. Colors can be combined with other decor elements where you want to place the coffee table. However, the white color may be a good neutral color for your coffee table or for decorating the room where the tree stump coffee table is located. You can use on any square section Polycrylic stump for better results. If staining the table is complete, you can use your coffee table for the living room. Because of differences in the surface elevation of each of the tree stump, you can place and organize your coffee table at different heights. It will immediately be a good focal point in your room.

Tree Stump Coffee Table Decoration Flowers

Where to get materials for tree stump coffee table

Tree stump coffee table is also available in furniture stores. They will offer stylish accents and a more decorative design. You can also have a coffee table with glass covered tree stump. This will also increase your budget to spend, but if you want to cut the budget for the coffee table, you can do it yourself by finding a lot of coffee table designs over the internet. Have you seen the pictures in the gallery below, and hopefully can be an inspiration to you. Good luck!

18 Photos of the Tree Stump Coffee Table Ideas

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