What You Need to Know About Vintage Furniture Pieces

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Vintage furniture pieces are usually mistaken for antique furniture pieces. Let’s clear that by defining what antique and vintage means. Antique is used for pieces that are 100 years or older. We call pieces “vintage” when it’s below 100 years old. Both terms apply to jewelry as well, which is why you’ll encounter “vintage jewelry pieces” as well as “antique jewelry pieces.” Understanding the terms will help you recognize vintage pieces from antique pieces which is important when you’re decorating your home in one particular style.

What’s the difference between antique and vintage furniture pieces?

Vintage furniture pieces are made during the 20th century. This means we’re looking at pieces that are made from materials like plastic, resin and Lucite. You’ll see other furniture pieces made from metal because it was about the same time when metal became a popular material for production. Among those popular metal types you’ll find includes steel, chrome and aluminum.  A particular style dominates vintage furniture pieces. About the same time, furniture movements like Modernist movements and Art Deco was very popular. You will see the influence of these movements in most authentic vintage furniture pieces.

Vintage Furniture Pieces Photos

Antique furniture pieces on the other hand, are made from wood. Vintage furniture was designed after the Victorian era. This implies that anything before that is considered antique. A lot of authentic antique furniture pieces are Victorian furniture.

Why are vintage furniture pieces expensive?

When you check into stores for vintage furniture pieces, you’ll find that they are expensive. There are replicas that are far cheaper but if you’re interested in authentic pieces, you will have to contact a reputable seller for vintage pieces. One thing that makes vintage furniture pieces very popular is that most pieces are artistically made. There’s function and aesthetic in all of the pieces. The choice of materials also makes it a very good choice for furniture. Another reason for its pricey tag is the restoration process of vintage pieces can be very tedious and expensive. Vintage furniture pieces are made from lightweight materials and made with odd geometric shapes that only add charm to its appearance.

14 Photos of the What You Need to Know About Vintage Furniture Pieces

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